Ransomware and how we protect you against it?

Although ransomware exists for much longer it was not a word many were familiar with until WannaCry’s massive attack on May 12, 2017, when devices in organizations in over 150 countries worldwide were infected. If your company or you personally do not know that term, you probably do not know how big a threat you can face in near future. Most of us are familiar with viruses, malware but not ransomware. The worst thing is yet to come: After years of adoption of ransomware techniques on the Windows platform, the next challenge for hackers is an attack on Android devices.

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First of all, it’s important to understand how ransomware works: Ransomware is a specific type of malicious software (malware) that demands money from a user. There are two types of ransomware: lock-screen ransomware and crypto-ransomware. The first of them attack the device by changing the PIN or password or just overlaying a window over all other apps. Crypto-ransomware in most cases encrypts the files on the device. To unlock or respectively unencrypt the device you are asked to pay. However, even if you pay, it is not guaranteed that you will get access to your device and data. This is a reason why it is recommended to backup your data regularly and one of the best options is PhoneCopy Cloud.

PhoneCopy secured personal cloud provides space for your data on remote storage and takes responsibility for the whole backup and synchronization process. It doesn’t matter if you need to backup photos or videos from your mobile phone using PhoneCopy for Android, PhoneCopy for iPhone, PhoneCopy for KaiOS, or even documents from your Windows laptop using PhoneCopy for Windows. You just use your devices and all your data are automatically stored in safe storage which employs anti-viruses, anti-malware, and ransomware protection. Moreover, it keeps several versions of every single file to be able to reconstruct the original content in case your data get damaged anyway.

Moreover, there is a smart feature that allows you to make a secondary backup of your photos from your mobile device to your Windows computer to be sure you have all your data not only on the cloud storage but all of them just with a single click on the storage of your computer. And you don’t need to care about it. It just works!