Is iCloud a data backup? And is it really free?

Apple device users can be divided into two groups. Those who are sometimes uncritical about Apple services and those who perceive Apple as a platform, service, or technology that they have chosen and that they like. And for this second group, PhoneCopy often has another added value that Apple does not offer them. Since our services are used by hundreds of thousands of Apple users and some of them synchronize several Apple devices with PhoneCopy, we have tried to figure out the main reasons why it is beneficial for them.

  1. iCloud is not free. We often come across the idea of why someone should pay for storage on PhoneCopy when they have iCloud for free. It is necessary to objectively say that iCloud offers 5GB of space for free, but in fact, anyone who uses an Apple device will very quickly find out that such small storage is useless to him and must still switch to a higher, ie paid tariff. Not to mention that the price of an Apple device is one of the higher ones, so Apple certainly has well-calculated storage costs in the price of the device.
  2. Is iCloud a typical backup? Many long-term and loyal PhoneCopy clients have told us that PhoneCopy works as a secondary backup for them when everything fails. iCloud is essentially a synchronization service that ensures that all Apple devices have the same data. And so it sometimes happens that data deleted by mistake from the phone disappears from other devices. Although Apple hides deleted data for a limited time, you often find missing data for a long time.
  3. The world is not just Apple. Probably the most common reason for our users with Apple devices is to sync their iOS device with a Microsoft Windows computer or to connect data between an iPhone and an Android phone, or an iPhone and a push-button phone.
  4. Need to begin from the scratch. Even if you have two Apple devices, or you’re moving from an older iPhone to a newer one, there’s a reason not to use iCloud. Sometimes it just happens that with long-term use of iCloud, the advantage becomes a disadvantage and the profile is so complex that even some problems or settings that the user does not care about being transferred to the new iPhone. And then PhoneCopy offers a convenient “sharp” cut to transfer important personal data and start with clean iOS settings.

Be that as it may, with almost 1.5 billion Apple devices used in the world, it is certain that not everyone is satisfied with the design and setup of iCloud services as Apple offers them. And even a small fraction of this amount is a good reason for us at PhoneCopy to offer a backup and synchronization service that can fill this gap in the market.