A growing number of manufacturers offer Android 11

Thanks to the constant development of our application for Android, we regularly adjust it according to the requirements of individual mobile devices, including the specific requirements of individual Android versions. As a global service, thanks to the synchronization of the phones of our users, of which there are currently more than 1.1 million, we have immediate feedback on which device is already running the latest Android 11. We regularly update the list of such devices.

In addition to Google, which, as always, was the first to introduce Android 11 on its phones, the list of other manufacturers and their models is now quite wide, including for example Nokia or brand names as OnePlus, and Oppo, each of which introduced several models. On the list, there is traditionally Samsung with the broadest range of models with Android 11, Sony or Vivo, and of course Xiaomi, whose number of models supporting Android 11 has been growing rapidly recently.

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