End of Samsung Cloud, is the OneDrive transition offer advantageous for users?

Samsung decided to end its own Samsung Cloud storage on April 1, 2021. It will allow their users to access their data until June 30, 2021, and at the same time, Samsung offers them migration to OneDrive due to wider cooperation with Microsoft. Since we at PhoneCopy.com, definitely have something to say about cloud storage from mobile phones, we decided to prepare a short comparison of what other options Samsung Cloud users have. Unless Microsoft comes up with a special offer, Samsung Cloud users have basically 2 options.

  • If their data fit in 100GB limit (which is about a few hundred minute long videos or thousands of photos), they can choose a subscription for 3 EUR per month.
  • However, if this amount is exceeded even by a single photo, the next price level is 7 EUR per month for 1TB of storage. We live digital lives, with mobile phones long ago not only replacing cameras in everyday life but also becoming the main documentary medium or often a replacement for a copier when we take photos of various documents. The 100GB storage can fill up rather quickly.

From our experience, we know that when a user decides to start storing data on the cloud, the size of their data is most often between 200-400GB. And this is the reason why we offer PhoneCopy Cloud in multiple tiers, i.e. 50GB, 100GB, 500GB, and 1TB. This is because, without the user’s demand, new devices always come with higher camera resolution and more internal storage. Specifically with Samsung (if we ignore the cheapest models), the amount of memory is gradually shifting from the previously common 32-128GB to 128-256GB or even 512GB for premium models.

We compared OneDrive, PhoneCopy, and the most famous cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive (we omitted iCloud, as it does not apply to Android phones). If you fit in a middle-term perspective to storage lower than 100GB, switching from Samsung Cloud to One Drive is a good choice, but once you exceed this value, the price of One Drive jumps up and a similar jump is seen by Box, Dropbox at 50GB and Google Drive at 200GB. One Drive will then pay off again when your storage is close to 1TB, but at any time in the interval between 100GB and 1TB, you have to expect to pay up to 4 EUR per month (48 EUR per year) for space that you probably will not use.