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How Can PhoneCopy Help a Mac User

It happens commonly: a Mac user gets a new iPhone and would like to fill it with contacts already on his Mac. That should be possible through iTunes, but users often find themselves unable to set the transfer up.

This is when PhoneCopy applications come to the rescue: one for your Mac, and one for your new iPhone. Use the one for Mac first, to sync your contacts into; then set up PhoneCopy app on your iPhone, and transfer your contacts from to your iPhone.

Apple now also provides iCloud, for which one needs a Mac OS X Lion (from update 10.7.2 upwards), and iOS 5 on iOS devices. PhoneCopy applications do not have these limitations: PhoneCopy for Mac runs on Mac OS X from version 10.5 (Leopard) upwards. If you’re sticking with, say, Snow Leopard for some more time, we don’t mind; and PhoneCopy for iPhone can be installed on any iOS device (including iPads and iPods) from iOS 3.0 upwards.

Even if you do have Lion, you may find that PhoneCopy provides some nifty, handy control over your contacts: such as detailed history of changes you made to the contacts, with option to revert any one change—available in our web app at; or a special folder that keeps everything you ever deleted, just in case you should need to restore that one contact deleted by mistake—also available within your account at

Should anything go wrong with your contacts on your iPhone, iPad, or on your Mac, will keep your contacts safe.

PhoneCopy | Wednesday 22 February 2012 at 10:15 am |

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