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PhoneCopy User Base Grows by 10 percent in a Month

It was close to the very end of the last year when we could announce passing an important milestone: 100,000 registered users of
Last night, the count just went above 110,000. That is an increase by full 10 percent in a mere month!

We are very excited about this growth. It is thanks to all of you who like PhoneCopy, who find it an indispensable service, and who do not hesitate to recommend this phone data management solution to your friends, family, colleagues, and to just about every one who values his contacts and possibly other phone content.

Also, we are not far from reaching 150,000 synchronized devices; we expect to pass that figure in about a week. Furthermore, we are close to having confirmed 1400 various devices as working with PhoneCopy.

PhoneCopy | Tuesday 31 January 2012 at 09:00 am |
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