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The Most Valuable Part of Your Phone Is the Data in It

What if you lose your phone?

Do you ever dread what it would be like to suddenly not have your phone? Surely, smartphones cost money. But what do your data cost? Especially your contacts? Would any money buy them back?

Relax. There is a solution:

Once you have synchronized your contacts (and possibly other phone data, depending on what your phone can do) into your account at, you can rest easy—they are safe there.

Even if you later do something stupid on your phone, like deleting or editing something by mistake, you will always be able to find it in your PhoneCopy account—if it was the kind of data that you had synchronized.

One of the strengths of PhoneCopy is that it keeps track of the changes you made to your contacts in-between synchronizations. The technical people like to call this a “history of changes”. Should you realize that a change you made was in error, PhoneCopy allows you to revert that change—to go back to any previously synchronized version of the contact.
(Look for a little clock up left when displaying/editing the individual contact within the PhoneCopy web application.)

PhoneCopy even keeps data you deleted—in a special folder, as a precaution. They no longer synchronize to your phone; they are only kept in PhoneCopy as your archives, in case you should ever need them again. So long as they are kept, you can choose to restore them, at any time. (Only if you manually choose to delete them “permanently”, will they be gone for good.)

Synchronize to PhoneCopy, and you will never lose your data again.

PhoneCopy | Monday 30 January 2012 at 10:47 am |

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