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What does a picture tell about you?!

… one picture is worth ten thousand words…

Did you know every photography bears its secrets? What can you learn from a picture?

Do you have a picture and are you not sure where and where it was taken?

Prague GPS infoI did not know much about things like this when I started to work on PhoneCopy and

Maybe you did not know that every picture you take hides certain information! I did not know it either until my all-knowing colleagues had told me. And because I think this information could be useful for you as well, I would like to share with you!

So what can you learn when you look closer on a photography?

It mainly depends on your settings and if you want to be secret or if you are rather forgetful and would like to recall sometime in the future where and where that crazy party took place! ;-)  

GPS mapMost of the photos bears keep inside data called EXIF. What kind of data it is? First of all, it can be the type of your device, size of the photo and other things such as exposure time that is measured in seconds, F- number which means aperture, ISO sensitivity and also Local Length. For me, these last data are too technical for me but what I really love dis that I can see where and when the picture was taken. So except the date and the time I can see GPS and what is more I can even display the place on the map!! Isn’t it great?! Yes, I know it is! Just try it out with your own pictures! Summer holiday is here, it is the very time to travel, take a lot of pictures with your friends and family and it would be a pity if you forget where those nice moments took place! With you don’t need to remember….

PS: I would also welcome new feature of remembering names those people in my pics :-)


Jana, PhoneCopy team

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Wednesday 26 July 2017 at 12:02 pm |

Nostalgia for non-smart phones...

...we all loved them

There has been a big wave of nostalgia for non-smart phones around the world recently.. Nokia N95 8GB
If you have loved these phones you could be pleased because PhoneCopy can easily  transfer your contacts from your smart phone to a non-smart one and vice versa! No matter if you have Android or iOS, with PhoneCopy will be your data always synchronized and safely back-uped in the cloud!
Are you upset with battery running out all the time, irritated by broken displays and tired of insomnia blaming your smart phone and its blue light? You can return to the dumb phone... Take the old original piece out of the box or just get the reborn version from the store shelf, transfer your data and contacts withPhoneCopy easily and enjoy the retro vibe! 
Here is a video guide How to
Yours PhoneCopy

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Thursday 29 June 2017 at 10:02 am |

Summer is coming...

Are you looking forward to the summer? No school, off work!

Holiday time is coming, so make your smartphones ready and take a lot of pictures! To have enough space on your device and not to lose your memories, back up your valuable Photos with!

It can happen easily, you can forget your phone somewhere or it can just fall out of your pocket into the water…L But you can fully enjoy your well-deserved holiday without worries you could lose your data, new contacts and valuable holiday pictures. It would be a big pity!

And in the meantime, we will continue on developing our new features!

                                       Take care,

Your PhoneCopy team

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Tuesday 20 June 2017 at 1:15 pm |

What is new in PhoneCopy?

Dear PhoneCopy users,

you haven't heard from PhoneCopy in a while, but that doesn't mean that we've been slacking off! We are coming up with a number of new features, so don't forget to check out to backup and synchronize your phone data.

Read More

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Thursday 08 June 2017 at 09:24 am |

PhoneCopy Photo Back up

It is a big thing and an important milestone for us here in PhoneCopy! Last week we announced  the launch of PhoneCopy Photo Backup to all our users. You can back up your pictures from all your devices, no matter if Android or iOS, and access the entire collection via web browser.

PhoneCopy backups only those photos that have been changed or created. Your can run the backup manually or automatically according to schedules you set. There is also more options to customize.

It also retains

And as we can see from the amounts of data being backed up, a lot of our users have already tried it. You haven't tried it yet? Then what are you waiting for?! If you are a monthly Premium subscriber, you have got 1GB space on our cloud. In case you are a Basic version user, you can try out our service as well, you have got 10MB! Whenever you can add additional storage to fit your needs. Here's a short guide how to use this feature for you for Android and for iOS.

But that's not all, we keep going! The development never stops, especially here at the headquarters! Very soon, our users will be able to back up videos as well.

                                                                                                          Take care, your PhoneCopy

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 11:57 am |

New Year with a new feature

Dear customers,

we are happy to introduce you our latest Premium feature

PhoneCopy Photo BackupAs we have previously mentioned, the end of the year has been busy for us here on PhoneCopy. Upon many requests from our customers, we are now introducing PhoneCopy Photo Backup. Our Premium customers will now get a 1GB storage to backup their photos from their Android and iOS apps, with the possibility to upgrade to a bigger storage. How to setup PhoneCopy Photo Backup 

PhoneCopy Photo Backup

As we have previously mentioned, the end of the year has been busy for us here on PhoneCopy. Upon many requests from our customers, we are now introducing PhoneCopy Photo Backup. Our Premium customers will now get a 1GB storage to backup their photos from their Android and iOS apps, with the possibility to upgrade to a bigger storage. How to setup PhoneCopy Photo Backup 

Monthly PhoneCopy Premium

The Photo Backup goes hand in hand with our new monthly subscription model. Paying for the Premium subscription monthly, instead of once a year, allows you to adjust your storage size according to your needs. After the first payment, the successive months are charged automatically, so you never have to worry about extending your Premium subscription. We hope you will love the new system! View the subscription plans

Happy holidays
And finally, with the festivities rapidly approaching, on behalf of the entire PhoneCopy team we would like to wish to all our users Happy Holidays and a successful New Year 2017. See you next year!
Best Regards
Your PhoneCopy

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Thursday 15 December 2016 at 08:29 am |

Smarten up our terms but stayed free

Dear customers,
we would like to inform you that The PhoneCopy Terms of Service has been updated on December 13, 2016.
Because we know not everyone wants to read and waste time with such a document or is not adept at legalese, we have prepared a short summary of what has changed. Do not worry, just few things, supposing you appreciate relevant details..But if you like, you can read the whole document here.
We have made these three important changes:
  1. We have adjusted the general payment information related to the switch from an annual to monthly Premium subscription.
  2. Information about possible payment methods: an automatic credit card payments and a pre-paid credit.
  3. There are other minor changes based on our upcoming services, new payment methods and monthly auto-renewable subscription.

Thank you for your time to read this. We are constantly trying to improve our Services and we hope you will welcome the changes. Of cource, if there is.anything unclear, do not hesitate to ask!

Take care and see you soon!

  Best Regards
Your PhoneCopy team

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 1:14 pm |

What we are working on

Hello and welcome to our blog!
How have you been in the meantime? We have spent it finishing the feature we‘ve announced last time – photo backup. We already have a few first users helping us with the testing.
While we‘re putting last touches to the photo feature, make sure that the rest of your phone data is backed up and secure on You can do that by synchronizing manually, but you can also set up auto-sync and let us take care of everything. That‘s what PhoneCopy is for.
Auto-sync guideline for Android
Auto-sync guideline for iPhone
New monthly payments
This month, we are also planning a switch to monthly Premium subscription plan. We have set the prices so that the cost of PhoneCopy stays the same, and those of you who don‘t have PhoneCopy Premium yet can try it out, even for only a month. You‘ll see that you will love our Premium service. Don‘t believe us? Simply try it!
The payments will take place automatically, so you won’t have to worry about renewing your subscription. We hope that the monthly payments will allow even more people all around the world to discover PhoneCopy Premium.
 Best Regards
Your PhoneCopy team
Tips for you:
  • You can use PhoneCopy for easy contact transfer from your Gmail address book or other contact database in the vCard (.vcf) format. You can find the detailed guideline here.
  • If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client and would like to import contacts from your phone, you can use LDIF format with this guideline.

PhoneCopy (Jana) | Tuesday 08 November 2016 at 1:01 pm |
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